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Laundry room decor, storage & handy ideas for small spaces.

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Small spaces need good organization to be functional otherwise you run the risk of creating a permanent space for a drop zone. Decor in the laundry room can be a clever way to incorporate additional storage in a small space.

Dress up your laundry room with purposeful decor

1. Look outside the box for unique containers

I found these terrific planters at HomeSense for a crazy good price. They were so inexpensive and I was thrilled to find them as I was on the hunt for brass/gold accent pieces to complement the rich black walls. I hide my Laundry Drier Balls & Laundry Wash Bags in the large planter and use the small one for laundry detergent pods! Keeping the pods accessible makes it easier for my kids to participate in helping with the laundry;)

These unusual containers are a great way to dress up your space and add functionality.

Laundry Drier Balls are game changing! If you haven't tried them yet, you gotta. I manage a few properties and do a lot of laundry and these balls keep from laundry getting balled up and they dry quicker. Love em.

2. Include faux flowers & plants in your laundry room design

HomeSense is still my favourite place to be on the look out for faux flowers and plants. I find they have the best variety although it takes a bit of work to find the best quality. Choose flowers that are also stored in great vases or containers. Some come in gorgeous mercury glass which add glam and sparkle, brightening up a dark space.

Many of us aren't lucky enough to have even a small window in these spaces, so bringing in some greenery or colour will go a long way.

3. Put memorabilia, unique bottles and glassware on display

If you are like us, we have little space to share with art and decor, so why not store items you do not want to part with as decor on laundry room shelving?

We were given some beautiful Portugeuse "Licor de Ginja" as a gift years ago and couldn't part with it. Now we continue to hold on to these beautiful bottles and display them on our shelving in the laundry room. They can also double as water vases for wildflowers in the summer.

This is also and excellent space to house beautiful wine decanters and crystal if storage is limited within the home! There are no children playing in our laundry room! This is a great, safe space for special glassware. Why not let it shine on display!

4. Wine boxes or crates make excellent decor/storage

Not everyone will have access to wine crates, but we work in the restaurant industry so we get lucky every once in a while with a delivery of a great case of wine and then we make the case to keep it! They are beautiful to look at and make great storage for candles, matches, batteries etc.

5. Ikea Storage Containers

The easiest solution to all unsightly mess is using the infinite amount of container bins available from Ikea.

We also use a lot of flour and Ikea's Filur or Sortera Bins are perfect for storing large bags of flour! No mess & looks great!

Ikea's Variea bins are terrific for laundry room storage as well. They have a clean, organized look, they are inexpensive and visually accessible, allowing quick access to snacks!


Ikea Variea

Ikea Filur

Ikea Sortera

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