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DIY Wood Bed Frame - Covid Project #2

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

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We've been in our home 10 years now and the last room that has seen any attention is of course our own.

One night during Covid-19 lockdown, I could not fall asleep and went into a tailspin on how awful our bedroom is! At that time it really was a horrifyingly unwelcoming bedroom, cold, dark & dusty...the more I thought about it the less I could sleep. The next day I was committed to solving some issues immediately, ones that I could do myself and on a Pandemic budget!

I really dislike bed skirts. I've never liked them and so I threw ours out years ago. I dislike them so much that I was happier with a partially visible box spring than having a bed skirt! So we suffered for 10 years with a horrible sightline in our room and enough was enough. We are hard-working parents and we absolutely deserve a little design love and attention!

I think it's fair to assume that most families, who are also living in small spaces, use every inch of space under their beds. In our case, it is a private storage bay for old memorabilia & pictures. A place for my empty scrapbooks, full of potential scrapbook material (I've still never attempted to scrapbook but maybe I will when I'm retired?) and my flute from high school, "important" texts from University that I believe I will need again, you get the picture. It is now an ideal rest place for dust and my cat. A perfect breeding environment to produce less than acceptable air quality to nurture another "great" sleep.

Time to seal up that dust trap!

Build your own wooden bed frame

We have been sitting on the idea of making a simple wooden bed frame literally forever and I can honestly not believe it took us this LONG to push the GO button! Honestly it really was dead easy, took us no time and the end result was so pleasing it was embarrassing to think we didn't make this happen years ago, like a decade ago!

It continues to amaze me how having children puts your life and self respect on hold! lol.

The hardest part of this project is making the trip to home depot and measuring your bed! We only purchased three 18" laminated pine plank boards and cut them to size.

The end result is fabulous! Such an improvement from what once was. Everything you never need is safely tucked away and so long dust bunnies! Do yourself a favor and spend a day making your bedroom right. You deserve it.

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