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Halloween Outdoor Decor

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

Halloween 2021 is right around the corner and is my favorite time of year. We recently moved last November so we are so excited to create new Halloween ideas this year! Our last home was located in a townhouse community with limited yard space, but it did not stop us from creating a great Halloween landscape for trick or treaters!

These Halloween ideas below are from last year but contain some simple ideas to dress up your front yard for Halloween 2021!

Halloween décor on a budget

Our favorite go-to budget-friendly Halloween outdoor décor items are old wooden pallets! They are literally everywhere and free, just visit a construction site or a building center and grab yourself a few. The more beat up the better.

We easily cut one up to make a fence around our dollar store gravestones to create a more realistic cemetery look.

We used another to cover up the garden and allow dying flowers and plants to work their way through the wood.

Pick up some classic zombie hands and skeletons to poke out from underneath! Easy!

Best Halloween decoration splurges!

We are kinda big into Halloween so last year we went all out and purchased a smoke machine and a second projector. We set up one projector in our front window showcasing a series of videos and we hung an old shower curtain outside to project images onto it to make it appear like a real ghost was emerging from the ground! It was so cool, but unfortunately, I did not capture great images last year so I will update the blog to include that this year.

If you have the extra money to invest in endless family fun, highly consider picking yourself up something from the following. The AtmosFearFX stuff is awesome!

Happy Halloween!

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