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How To Become Healthier

Changing our mindset for greater health

Today is the perfect day to begin again.

Although I don't like making assumptions, I think it is safe to assume that many of us have had the opportunity to dive into reflection these past years. This global health event has been a trigger for many of us to dig deep within, purge what is unnecessary, and turn a new page.

These recent years have been exhausting. Homeschooling our children, navigating the ever-changing rules of the Pandemic, losing an income, and not seeing family has tasked us all in ways we may not even be aware of, however, that invisible stress has made its impact. We are short-tempered, tired, unsure of ourselves, telltale signs of being depleted and running on empty.

As a result, Covid - 19 broke open the façade of who we truly are. Some of us used this experience to evoke personal growth, to seek education and guidance, to listen, and make informed choices. Others chose to point fingers, blame, and become victims. The Pandemic in coordination with a psychotic President truly sent humanity off the rails. For decades, we have amicably displayed a united front while we silently understood our divisiveness. While the cream of us rose to the top, the sludge of humanity also awoke.

Conspiracy theories, the anti-vax movement, a violent rage against businesses following the rules, have expressed the story that a greater challenge awaits us. Our once safe, and well-meaning society has a dark side, the result of citizens who have been left behind in education, wisdom & love.

This is our chance to get things right, to make amends, to tell the truth, and to face our fears. We start by healing ourselves. We have been given an opportunity to come back from this with new eyes, a new perspective, and new hope.

I have decided to start today. I want to share with you my steps to overcoming my weaknesses, how I begin healing and where to start. Join me, and together, one by one, we can change our perspective and be better parents, neighbors, humans, and teachers.

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