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Cold & Flu season preparedness during a Pandemic

Are your kids immune systems ready for the fall season ahead? As we enter the unknown during a pandemic, what should we be doing about it?

Our kids have just completed their first week in school and already there is talk about a cold/flu going around town! This has triggered a spree of families quaranteening until a negative Covid-19 test can otherwise prove their freedom.

We were a bit late to the game this year as fall snuck up on us, but I know we need to get on a supplement plan to help our boys immune systems do their best fighting these unwanted viruses rotating around town this fall/winter. Hopefully these child immune supplements will also give us the armour to withstand the mighty Covid-19.

I visited with our local Homeopath to learn about the current product she recommends for school aged children. Our oldest is 10 and is comfortable with taking a pill, however that is not the case for our 8 year old. He won't even entertain the idea of swallowing something whole so we needed to find a good solution for both kids.

Genestra Brands- Fit for school Probiotic Powder Formula

She recommended Genestra Brands - Fit for school probiotic powder formula. It is flavourless and can easily be added to yogurt, milk or water in the morning.

You could also added it under peanut butter on toast, hide it in smoothies, add it to porridge or overnight oats!

Beware of Heat - Just be sure to allow breakfast items like toast and porridge to cool first before adding probiotic powder as these bacteria are healthiest in cool temperatures. Heat can kill them and make them less effective.

Beware of sugar - It is also important to note that hiding this probiotic formula in sugary cereals and juices somewhat defeats the purpose and immune work that this healthy bacteria is meant to do. Probiotics are a variety of healthy bacteria that helps to destroy and remove bad bacteria which feeds and thrives off of sugar. It is difficult to keep our kids away from treats and sweets all day however, in the morning, especially this year, maybe it is best to let the good bacteria thrive and get our kids eating healthy prebiotic breakfasts such as yogurts, smoothies and overnight oats with a healthy does of probiotic supplements :)

Healthy guts = healthy fabulous kids!

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