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A snuggle a day keeps the doctor away;)

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

I think this a great share to launch this section of our blog. Hands down, the best part of our day begins with our morning snuggle. I don't exactly know when this began for us but for a really long time now this has become part of our morning routine on school days.

Every morning at 7am we are greeted by our boys, they jump into bed and we have a family snuggle. Our 8 year old wants to be cuddled and now the 10 year old wants to read the news feed on my phone, but never the less we are together, warm and cuddly in bed in the morning for 10 minutes. It is a great opportunity to talk about how we slept, what we dreamt about and what our day will look like.

I could not suggest this more for all families, it has become a precious memory for us and every day we wonder when it may come to an end so we drink it up!

Do you have wild mornings? Too busy, frantic, stressed and everyone running in all directions? Stop that. Wake up a bit earlier, have a morning cuddle and move into your day with love. I do my best to try and have enough easy things ready for lunches so I don't need a lot of time for that in the am.

Obviously many families need to commute to work and school so you may need to wake up even earlier, but give it a try! It's heaven and in the grand scheme of things, these years go by so fast they will be over in the blink of an eye. Don't miss it:)

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