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About My Kith...

We welcome our visitors into our kith, a blog community designed to share thoughts, stories, truths and ideas with readers.

What a year it has been!  2020 has been a record year for challenge, fear and uncertainty.  As busy parents, it is becoming even more difficult to keep our heads above water. 


We are experiencing an overwhelmingly challenging period in history and we could all use a little break from the everyday and recognize that we are all in this journey together.


The Covid-19 Pandemic is an opportunity for our planet to rise above and come together however we have not yet reached that goal.  We still have a long way to go.  So we hope to share some of our personal experiences, favourite things, thoughts that make us smile and bring awareness to new and unique ideas, products and stories that inspire us along this crazy road.

The family unit is sacred and precious and has its MANY challenges!  Time to take away judgement and bring back love, truth and forgiveness to the conversation.

Forward we go!!

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