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Don't Forget About Turkey Pot Pie

While turkey no longer excites me at Thanksgiving, I always make sure to purchase a big bird as the reward is in the leftovers!!

Finding wellness amongst the chaos

When Covid struck and shut down the world, many of us had a lot of time to question who we are, what is important to us, and how do we want to move forward.  It was an eye opening experience. 


For me, the Pandemic has awakened my awareness of how valuable time is.  The one thing in life we cannot make more of.  This experience has inspired me to reconnect with my passion for communication, health, happiness & DIY;)

Through sharing our thoughts, ideas, concepts, failures & successes we can move forward with more clarity and insight, to remain productive and focused through uncertain, cloudy times.

happiness is in the journey

Recent Discussions


Never mind our current Pandemic, cold and flu season is around the corner!

Time to whip up some remedies.


We are responsible for this next generation. 


Keep them happy, healthy and fabulous!

Happy, Healthy Parents

We cannot take care of our families without taking care of ourselves first. Time to get creative and make time for ourselves.


Choosing a healthy lifestyle is worth it!


Now more than ever it is time to make that change.

Hi! Nice to meet you!

We began our blogging journey in the early 2000's, and retired that work to start our family and focus on raising our kids.

Now that they are 10 & 8, we have a LOT to share! 

This is our effort to communicate REAL stories, no judgment, no filters.  Real information and issues that make us stronger, healthier families.

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